Made from

Handmade Hemp, Vegan Leather & Organic Cotton


Made from

Handmade Hemp, Vegan Leather & Organic Cotton

Our products are made with

Handmade Hemp Fabric- one of the most rugged fabrics are weaved by artisan communities in Himalayan villages since generations, creating employment in remote parts mostly forgotten.

Vegan Leather- cuts your carbon footprint by a humongous amount compared to the normal leather that comes from factory farming.

Organic Cotton- yearly saves more than 218 billion liters of water and 40.9 million kg of chemical fertilizers which damages ecosystems and erodes soil.

Handmade Hemp Paper- that uses significantly less water and chemicals than the traditional wood paper, while increasing the recyclability of the paper.

Why Ecoi?

Lets merge design and sustainability in your day to day life. A range of products bound to impress you as much as others around you. Made from Himalayan hemp, transformed into urban designs by artisans in Nepal and India, each product has a unique touch and story of its origins.

About Us

Ecoi is an attempt to make our planet a bit more greener. Every product of Ecoi is a way to support the artisans in Himalayan villages and to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Growing up in an industrial town in India, our founder had seen toxicity and pollution all his life. With a desperation to find alternatives for more eco friendly options, he got ecstatic on discovering Hemp while trekking in Himalayas. Weaving fabric from hemp fibers in the Himalayas is thousands of years old tradition that is a dying art. Combining it with sustainable materials and urban designs, we at Ecoi are attempting to revitalize those traditions while doing our bit to further the climate revolution.

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Write to us at for the catalogue and custom orders. Let's enhance your partner and employee relations in a stylish and sustainable fashion.


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